Family Vettes

Welcome to the wonderful world of Family Vettes. The ultimate cruise vehicle.
A Vette that can be enjoyed by the whole family, all at once!

These are one-of-a-kind creations, and are available on a limited basis only.

If you are a Corvette lover and wish you had more room for passengers, this is the car for you. The family vette pictured below was made by putting the front 2/3's of one car together with the rear 2/3's of another. The result is a Vette with a back seat that has a lot of leg room!

As pictured above (Family Vette II), we can also make a 4 door Vette convertible, by stretching one car and adding doors and rear seats! The convertible version has no side pillar. The side windows seal together to form one long stretch of smoked glass.

The Family Vette and Family Vette II have been featured in The Oakland Press (Jun 9, 2008), Monroe Evening News (Mar 7, 2008), Battle Creek Enquirer (May 16, 2005), and Monroe Evening News (Feb 23, 2004).

Now taking orders for this year's production.

For inquires, please contact Gene at or call (734) 755-1505.